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An Unbroken Bond

“I was inspired to create this series in honor of our dear friend, Edie Lutnick, co-founder and president of the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, who wrote a book that everyone should read, titled 'An Unbroken Bond' .  This series reminds us that even though you can't see the stars during the day...they are still there."

Richard Sean Manning
Philanthropist & Artist 

The Manning Arts was established to benefit 501(c)3 organizations who can Register Here to become affiliated with this creative fundraising initiative that has a potential of raising over $400 million for worthy causes.



Edie Lutnick


If you read nothing else about 9/11, you must read Edie Lutnick's "An Unbroken Bond. Get your copy here.


On September 11th, 658 men and women at Cantor Fitzgerald found themselves trapped together in One World Trade Center and none would make it out alive. Among them was Edie Lutnick's brother Gary, whom she had raised when their parents died at an early age.

This is the story of the victims, the families and how they came together bonded by a tragic fate. But the story doesn't end there. In the aftermath of the attacks, Edie answered the call from her other brother Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick, to create a fund for the firm's families who had lost loved ones.

Over the past decade Edie and Howard have found themselves in a fight not to just give aid and comfort to the larger Cantor family, but also to honor the memory of countless victims. What they weren't expecting was to find a barrage of issues in their way from political jockeying to class biases.

This is the powerful, sometimes infuriating and ultimately heartrending story of the mission to fulfill an important legacy, and give meaning to the lives of the victims of 9/11.