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QR Code

Getting the word out to your supporters is key to the success of any fundraising effort.


Creating a QR Code that is specific to this fundraiser works well in printed communication with supporters and can be added to printed postcards to share the message about this innovative art fundraiser.


It provides a direct link to The Manning Arts online gallery using the unique URL that we provide to every 501c3 organization once they register to participate in The Manning Arts Innovative Fundraising Initiative.

There are many websites that will generate a free QR code, but this is our first choice


As an example, the unique URL for Great Explorations Children's Museum is:  www.TheManningArts.org/GreatEx and this is what their QR Code looks like.  


Before making your QR Code public, it is wise to test it to ensure that your charity name shows up on the home page of The Manning Arts online gallery, as in this example for Great Ex.

If you have a problem with creating a QR Code, please contact us.